How To Use

  • All Subscription Mentioned on the website are Legit and Safe to Use

  • Always check Description of subscription Page for its Validity, Warranty and type of Account ( Cracked, Private, International,etc)

  •  If you Are New here and Have trust Issues with our services then start with Trying Cheap  Subscription

  • All contact Details are Mentioned on Contact Page of website, you can also get in touch with us via Live chat Feature {Most Right Bottom}

  • If your Account is not Working within Warranty Period even after following All Rules Provided then Contact US on Telegram 

Terms & Conditions

  • You agree with all the rules and terms prior to using our service

  • Our service may BAN your account with following reasons:  Cheating, Rude ticket/Replacement request, Potential Hack, Ticket flood and any other suspicious activity

  • Minimum time to complete any order is 30-180min, sometimes may take up to 24-48hrs (Always Check for Notice Board on HomePage for estimate delivery Time)  

  • Every Account has its Validity and Warranty mentioned in its description, Replacements are only Entertain in Warranty Period

  • Most of the times replacement will be done on the same day but if  it took extra days to replace than same no. of days will be added in warranty

  • We Do Not Provide any kind of Refund  unless its Not possible to Replace Subscription

  • In Case of refund, Amount for number of days the subscription Worked will be Deducted, and reset will be refunded to Wallet.

  • To avail Replacement for any account, you must follow all the rules mentioned in its description and provided with order details
  • 1Month will be considered = 28days , similarly 6Months = 168 days & 1Year =  336days
  • Cashback & Referral Money in Wallet can only be used to Purchase Subscriptions, cannot be withdrawn 
  • we pledge to provide best after Sale services but patience and cooperation is important from your side  

  • Terms and Conditions Can be Changed or Updated in the Future….


  • CRACKED ACCOUNT- Nonpersonal Sharing Account. changing name , password, any other information may result in Account ban

  • PRIVATE ACCOUNT- Personal account, can change name, password and other info except for Email.

  • DIGITAL WALLET- works same as any mode of payment, can make full or partial payments 

  • VPN-  Virtual Private Network, Mostly used to unlock blocked content of any specific area and to Hide IP Info

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