Frequently Asked Questions

step1-  select your favorite subscription from store

step2- add subscription to cart and proceed to checkout 

step3- Fill in your Details & Create new username & Password

step4- select your preferred payment gateway and complete your payment

step5- your subscription will be deliverd to your registed email in 30-180min {upto 8Hr}

Shop using Cryptocurrency coins (Bitcoin , Ethereum , $USD)

  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Same pricing for everyone 
  • Fast & Anonymous network


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YES, All subscriptions we provide are 100% Genuine and Safe to use.
Always Read Subscription’s Full Description to know everything about Subscription

All users information is 128bit SSL encrypted, means your name, email, phone-no and everything else are encrypted and no one can ever access this, not even us!

every subscription has replacement warranty period under which it is replaceable without any issue, just contact us on telegram with your order id and we will do the rest.

Usually we process all orders within 30-180min, but sometimes it may take upto 8Hr and for rare cases upto 24Hr.
Feel free to contact us on Telegram if your subscription is not delivered in 8Hr. 

its obvious to doubt our Insane discounts, Here are some facts might help you-

we have served 6500+ users since july 2019 with 4.8/5 average customer satisfaction ratings

Still if you are paranoid about us-

Option1- Start with any cheap subscription if you have trust issue  and know yourself that we are providing 100% real and legit Services 

Option2- Do your own research GOOGLE US , Whois search our Domain, checkout our telegram channel, Use Free Giveaway subscriptions

Due to high demand sometimes few subscriptions may be out of stock for a while, best you can do is subscribe them for free from the product page. as soon as your subscription gets restock you will simply get notified with email. No spam emails – we promise

if you are looking for any other subscription which is not mentioned on website at Discounted price, Contact us on telegram and our team will try to provide best offers as per your requirement

Reselling is easiest way to make good money without any hassle, Buy subscriptions from us and Resell them further at your own prices and make a hefty margin for yourself. most subscription we provide are 90% Off & you can always resell them on 50% Off easily , making 40% for yourself. Pricing for resellers are also Same as these are best prices we can provide. 

Terms & Conditions

    • You agree with all the rules and terms prior to using our service

    • Our service may BAN your account with following reasons:  Cheating, Rude ticket/Replacement request, Potential Hack, Ticket flood and any other suspicious activity

    • Minimum time to complete any order is 30-180min, sometimes may take up to 24-48hrs (Always Check for Notice Board on HomePage for estimate delivery Time)  

    • Every Subscription has its Validity and Warranty period mentioned in its description, Replacements are only Entertain with in Warranty Period

    • Most of the times replacement will be done on the same day but if  it took extra days to replace than same no. of days will be added in warranty

    • We Do Not Provide any kind of Refund  unless its Not possible to Replace Subscription

    • In Case of refund, Amount for number of days the subscription Worked will be Deducted, and reset will be refunded to Wallet.

    • To avail Replacement for any account, you must follow all the rules mentioned in its description and provided with order details
    • 1Month will be considered = 28days , similarly 6Months = 168 days & 1Year =  336days
    • Cashback & Referral Money in Wallet can only be used to Purchase Subscriptions, cannot be withdrawn 
    • we pledge to provide best after Sale services but patience and cooperation is important from your side  

    • Terms and Conditions Can be Changed or Updated in the Future….


  • CRACKED ACCOUNT- Nonpersonal Sharing Account. changing name , password, any other information may result in Account ban

  • PRIVATE ACCOUNT- Personal account, can change name, password and other info except for Email.

  • DIGITAL WALLET- works same as any mode of payment, can make full or partial payments 

  • VPN-  Virtual Private Network, Mostly used to unlock blocked content of any specific area and to Hide IP Info

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